Android Apps for Monetizing Photos

Android Apps for Monetizing Photos

January 13, 2019 0 By mark

It is possible to monetize your exceptional photos with a few different android apps on the market. Several stock photo companies have developed and released android apps to enable uploading your best photos to their platforms. You can then profit when any of your photos attract a sale. Two examples of these contributing stock photo apps are the 123RF On-The-Go App and the Dreamstime Sell Your Photos app for Android. Here is a description of the features of these applications to get you started …

123RF – On-The-Go App

To get started download and install the 123RF On-The-Go App from the Google Play Store. The next step will be to either create a new account or login to an existing 123RF account from within the app. After getting your account set up you are ready to begin generating revenue by selecting your best photos and uploading them to the 123RF website! First snap desirable photos on your android phone that are suitable for stock. Next upload them to 123RF via the On-The-Go app for approval. There are some requirements to keep in mind. Photographs must be a minimum of six megapixels and a maximum of twenty megapixels. Uploaded images are required to be in JPEG file format and must be at least 80% quality compression. Be sure to take advantage of “visual photo tagging”. This will help your images get discovered by the millions of 123RF users when they search for keywords. The 123RF company holds frequent contests as an added bonus for content contributors competing for cash prizes. That could be considered a possible additional revenue stream on occasions. The app tracks your earnings when people buy your photos.

Dreamstime – Sell Your Photos App

The first step is to download and install the Dreamstime Sell Your Photos App from the Google Play Store. You will then need to create a new account or login with your existing Dreamstime account. You are then prepared to snap photos and upload them to your account when ready. Each photo that you decide to upload to Dreamstime must be approved by them before your photos are available for purchase. All photos must be JPG format and free of noise or any other artifacts. There is a minimum size requirement of 3 megapixels and a maximum size of 70 megapixels. There is a daily limit restricting how many photos a contributor can upload. This restriction is different for everyone. It is determined by your personal photo upload success rate. An important note. You will need to earn at least $100 before you can be paid out for your contributed images. Your earnings are based on how often your images are purchased in the Dreamstime marketplace.

Buying Photos

Dreamstime and 123RF have several options for buying photos if you desire to be a customer. These options include credit packages or subscription packages. Buying in bulk can provide significant discounts. It can be a good idea to search for coupon codes on a website like Save Dollarz which showcases 123RF coupon codes and Dreamstime coupon codes from time to time.