How To Deal With Anxiety In The New Digital Age

How To Deal With Anxiety In The New Digital Age

July 3, 2018 0 By mark

One of the leading psychological disorders in today’s world is anxiety and we have reached no definite conclusion for a cure for this mental disorder. There are medications available which will lower the intensity of the symptoms but there is no clear cure. Any small issue can serve as a trigger for an anxiety attack and the people around the victim may not understand what was said or done to trigger the attack. The victim is left alone in a world of darkness closing around him with no ray of light. Only when the storm passes is the person able to feel normal and happy again but even then in the back of their mind, there is always a nagging worry of the next attack. With the advent of the digital age, the person sees everyone else being happy on social media and starts to feel more depressed, envying them for their normal lives. There are some ways in which a person with anxiety can feel better. Here are some of them:


Taking a break from the routine of our lives is perhaps the best way to deal with anxiety. Doing something new brings happiness to people and they do not feel that their lives are just an endless loop of the same routine. Breaking out of the routine can help the person explore new possibilities and moreover, they help refresh the mind as well.

#Dietary Habits

Sometimes, our diet includes things that can have bad consequences for our mental health. Excessive dependence on things like alcohol and caffeine can trigger anxiety attacks, leaving the person on an edge. Energy-boosting meals can also serve as a trigger. A person suffering from anxiety should eat well-balanced meals and keep a healthy diet routine to minimize the occurrence of the attacks.

#Positive Attitude

When you know that you have problems with mental health and there is nothing to do about it, all you can do is accept it for what it is and keep a positive attitude. Indulge in activities that make you happy like going to comedy clubs or adventure sports that peak your interest. Do not give your mind an opportunity to think about negative things and keep it busy with things that boost your happiness levels.

#Seek Help

Talking to someone is always a great way to deal with anxiety. Rather than shut yourself up, open up to someone you can trust. Develop relations where there is no room for judgement and you can talk to them freely. Professional help from a therapist can also go a long way toward understanding what affects your mental health. A great way to start conversations with someone is by greeting them. You can find some of the best Good Morning SMS here.


Whenever you feel the onset of an anxiety attack, you can take a break from whatever you are doing and start counting slowly from 0 to 10. This will move your focus away from the problems to the counting and slowly relax your mind. Regular meditation can also train your mind to think positive thoughts and not worry much about the problems of life.

#Use of Social Media

Excessive indulgence into the lives of other people can aggravate your stress levels. You start to envy their lives and start to hate your own. Social media factors in the most of this and using it as minimally as possible can increase the quality of your life. You start to focus on your own life rather than be impressed by the ones of others.