The ultimate guide to get followers on Instagram

The ultimate guide to get followers on Instagram

December 26, 2018 0 By mark

If you to stand out from the crowd on Instagram, you should have a huge following count. But the question is how to get followers on Instagram? However, it is not a rocket science, just you need to work smartly to achieve your underlying goals. Here, we are going to give you some suggestions to grow your followers. Let’s dig into it!

How to get followers on Instagram

If you have joined the Instagram with the aim to get a number of followers then come up with unique ideas, don’t be afraid to explore new ways and experiment new thing that completely distinct to you from others. This guide will greatly help you to create a win-win situation and achieve your desired results and even help you to buy followers from trusted vendor.

Interact with people: Interaction is key to success on any social platform. Connect with your fans and ask what are their core interests and want they want to see on your Instagram page. Consider all these things for your next posts.

Share live text messages: It is a creative way to draw the attention of the people. Moreover, it will boost the post engagement and post reach.

Share your own quotes: “Never give up”. It’s is a nice quote but we all have read it over and over again. So come up with your own quote. It is not as difficult as you think. Write down your thoughts and share it on Instagram with a cool picture and you will stand out.

Typography: You have seen a number of photos with motivational quotes. Create your own graphics with the cursive font, doodles, and emojis. Make it unique and artistic. It can capture the attention of a lot of people.

Share your tweets or Facebook Status: Let your followers know you are on other social platforms too by sharing your tweet or Facebook status on Instagram. Take a screenshot of your tweets or status that are more popular and post it on your Instagram page. It can save your time and give you a number of likes.

Share your Instagram stories as a post: Not everyone watches your story as it fizzles out after 24 hours. So post your stories as a post that increases the chances to get more views and likes. Especially share that stories in which you asked any question like how many hours do you work in a week? Encourage your fans to answer the question in the comment section. By doing this, you can boost post engagement and grow your following.

Post-mix of photos and videos: Instagram has become the biggest platform for photo and video sharing. Albeit, photo are primary content format but keep in mind that video is most watched content on the internet. So, post-mix of photos and videos on your Instagram page. It is a great way to improve visibility, boost engagement and expand your network on Instagram.

Use Emojis:Now people can find you with the help of emojis, so add them in your profile bio and post caption.